RFID Consumables

RISolutions specializes in providing meticulously customized RFID tags, meticulously designed to meet your exact specifications. Our expertise lies in crafting RFID solutions that seamlessly integrate with your unique requirements, offering an extensive array of chip options to cater to diverse applications.

Our commitment to customization is unparalleled. We pride ourselves on delivering RFID tags that can be configured with virtually any chip you envision. This level of flexibility ensures that our RFID tags are perfectly aligned with your specific use case, whether it's access control, inventory management, asset tracking, or any other application.

We understand that not all RFID tags are created equal. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of chip choices, including Alien Higgs, Impinj Monza, NXP UCODE, and more. Each chip type comes with its own set of advantages and capabilities, ensuring that your RFID solution is tailored precisely to your needs.

Let's delve into some of the chip options we provide:

  • Alien Higgs Series: Offering versatility with options like Higgs 3, Higgs 4, and Higgs 9, these chips boast varying memory capacities and capabilities to suit a range of applications.

  • Impinj Monza Series: With choices like Monza 4D, Monza 4i, Monza 4QT, and more, this series offers exceptional performance and memory options to accommodate your specific RFID requirements.

  • NXP UCODE Series: Featuring UCODE 5, UCODE 6, UCODE 7, UCODE 7+, and more, NXP's UCODE series provides RFID tags with diverse memory sizes and capabilities, ensuring compatibility with various systems.

Our dedication to meeting your RFID needs extends beyond chip selection. We can assist in tailoring RFID tags with specialized features, such as serialized TID (Tag Identifier), user memory, and standardized formats compliant with ISO/IEC and NFC Forum standards.

Additionally, we offer RFID tags with advanced security features like tamper detection, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

No matter how intricate your requirements, RISolutions is your trusted partner in delivering the ideal custom RFID solution. Reach out to us today to discuss your unique needs and explore the limitless possibilities of tailored RFID tags for your business.