Honeywell Eclipse 5145 Accessory

Elevate the functionality of your Honeywell Eclipse 5145 scanner with the Honeywell Eclipse 5145 Accessory Set. These accessories are designed to enhance your scanning experience and make your work environment more efficient.

Included Accessories:

  1. RS-232 Cable: The RS-232 cable enables you to connect your scanner to other devices through a serial connection, providing additional flexibility for integrating the scanner into your existing system.

  2. Wall Mount Bracket: The wall mount bracket allows you to securely mount your scanner on the wall, saving valuable space on your workstation.

  3. Stands: The set includes various stands that enable you to position the scanner at an ergonomic angle for hands-free scanning.

  4. USB and KBW Cable: The included USB and KBW cables allow you to transfer data between your scanner and other devices with different connectivity options.

Take advantage of these accessories to optimize your Honeywell Eclipse 5145 scanner and streamline your daily scanning processes. Discover how these accessories can enhance your operations at RISolutions.