Datalogic SH21 Blackline Version

Welcome to RISolutions, where we proudly introduce the Datalogic SH21 Blackline Version, a series of industrial computers designed to excel in the most demanding operational environments. Engineered to enhance productivity and streamline efficiency, this series caters to specific applications across a wide spectrum of industrial settings.

The SH21 Blackline computer is optimized for wall or fixed mounting within industrial applications. Its sealed design, tested to meet IP65/IP67 standards, ensures steadfast performance even amidst the harshest conditions. Capacitive Touch models boast a 3 mm anti-glare armored glass, allowing for seamless operation, even while wearing gloves.

In the context of warehouse management, the SH21 Blackline computer proves to be a game-changer, fostering a heightened level of interaction between operators and machines. This empowers users to effortlessly access and view technical drawings, videos, and work procedures, fostering a more informed and efficient workflow.

The SH21 Blackline computer's versatility shines through its comprehensive configuration options. Equipped with a high-efficiency AC internal power supply, it adapts to diverse requirements seamlessly.

The operating system and utilities further augment the SH21 Blackline's prowess. Choose between Windows® Embedded Standard 7 or Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise, and gain access to various Datalogic Utilities. Compatibility with different MDMs and Terminal Emulation empowers both Blackline computers to maximize their return on investment (ROI) through straightforward deployment, device management, and maintenance.

At RISolutions, we invite you to explore the possibilities presented by the Datalogic SH21 Blackline Version industrial computer series. Uncover how this cutting-edge technology can elevate your operational efficiency, pushing your performance to new heights.