Zebra CS60-HC Version

The Zebra CS6080-HC Ultra-Versatile Healthcare Scanner offers a unique convertible design that adapts to various workflows in healthcare. Whether you need a wireless scanner at the patient's bedside or a fixed hands-free scanner in the pharmacy and lab, the CS60-HC allows you to easily switch between corded and cordless modes, handheld and hands-free, depending on your needs. As a wireless scanner, the CS60-HC is highly portable and pocketable, perfect for nurses. As a corded scanner, the CS60-HC provides compact scanning for the pharmacy counter, lab station, and more. Regardless of whether you initially purchase a corded or wireless version, you can always switch modes for optimal investment protection. The CS60-HC offers Zebra's leading scanning performance, easy data entry between multiple host applications, and disinfectant-ready housing. Zebra's unique DataCapture DNA and industry-preferred management tools make integration, deployment, and management of your scanners easier than ever.