Honeywell Xenon 1952g-bf Version

Experience exceptional barcode scanning performance with the Honeywell Xenon™ XP 1952g-bf scanner. Its aggressive scanning capabilities extend to poor-quality or damaged barcodes. Integrated Bluetooth low-energy Class 2 radio grants users up to 10 meters (33 feet) of movement from the base, ensuring flexibility. The base features a paging system for auditory signals that assist in locating misplaced scanners. Operating on supercapacitors rather than batteries, the scanner achieves a full charge in under two minutes through the USB port (or under 30 seconds with a powered USB port or external wall adapter). The Xenon XP 1952g-bf scanner typically delivers over 450 scans of UPC/EAN codes without recharging. Ideal for moderate scanning tasks like self-checkout, secondary scanning, or shipping/receiving in warehouses, this battery-free scanner eliminates common maintenance issues, while remaining lightweight and environmentally friendly.