Datalogic Heron HD3130 Version

Datalogic Heron HD3130 Version TURN ON YOUR COOL

Go beyond a simple scanning experience, and elevate your checkout presentation to a whole new level. The Heron™ HD3130 linear imager bridges the gap between human and machine, infusing high style with technology at the modern point of sale. Embracing a fresh approach to conventional barcode scanning, both your customers and employees will delight in its fusion of form and function.


Your brand holds significance for your business and your customers; it defines and sets the tone for your enterprise. The elegant silhouette of the Heron imager extends your brand experience up to the final interaction at the checkout with your customers. It mirrors the same artful considerations that you put into your merchandising. With multiple opportunities to infuse your company’s brand identity, the Heron HD3130 imager empowers you to curate the perfect blend – integrating your logo and top cover color with personalized visual and auditory feedback. All of this is designed to reinforce the value that your business extends to your customers.


No issues. No concerns. The Heron imager is a symphony of productivity and seamless performance. An amalgamation of the features that your business demands, the fashionable style that customers adore, and the captivating allure of light and sound. You're empowered to deliver the most distinctive scanning solution available to your POS checkout operations. The Datalogic Heron HD3130 elevates your checkout experience to new heights.