Datalogic PowerScan PD9100 Version


The PowerScan 9100 series of scanners brings a new era of technology, seamlessly merging the innovation of a laser-like green scanning line with the reliability of a linear imager. This series comprises three distinct versions: the corded PD9130, the cordless PBT9100 featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology, and the cordless PM9100 utilizing Datalogic's proprietary STAR Cordless System™ 2.0.

Cutting-Edge Design Meets Durability

Engineered to thrive in even the harshest environmental conditions, the PowerScan 9100 series excels in rugged and demanding settings. Its built-in tether hook on cordless models ensures workplace efficiency, while the quick 3-second battery replacement combined with a single or multi-slot battery charger guarantees uninterrupted operation for cordless models.

Versatility for Various Applications

Equipped with multi-interface capabilities—RS-232, Keyboard Wedge, and USB—all models in the 9100 series can accommodate diverse needs. The user-friendly Datalogic Aladdin™ configuration program facilitates start-up procedures and device programming. Exclusive 3 Green Lights (3GL™) offer superior good-read feedback, enhancing user interaction.

Reliability and Performance

The PowerScan 9100 series boasts unmatched reliability and reading performance on 1D codes, making it a dependable choice across industries. The cordless PBT9100 and PM9100 scanners are even mountable on forklifts using a Vehicle Mount Terminal (VMT), providing an ideal solution for industrial warehouse applications.

Customizable Connectivity

Built on Bluetooth 3.0 standard wireless technology, the PowerScan PBT9100 can be configured to be Class 1 or Class 2 compliant. It can establish a connection through the receiving base station to the host via various interfaces or directly to any Bluetooth-compliant device.

Tailored to Fit All Applications

The PowerScan PM9100 series offers versatile models to suit different needs, including a basic cordless model and versions equipped with a display and either a 4-key or 16-key keypad. The PowerScan 9100 series delivers the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and unwavering reliability, setting new standards in industrial scanning.