Honeywell Voyager 1400g Version

The Honeywell Voyager 1400g Version is a versatile barcode scanner built on the platform of Honeywell's renowned Voyager™ series of handheld scanners. This scanner provides omnidirectional reading of linear barcodes and can easily be upgraded for scanning PDF and 2D barcodes, either at the time of purchase or as your scanning needs evolve. With speeds comparable to laser-based scanners, the Voyager 1400g offers both speed and reliability.

In various industries, 2D barcodes have gained popularity for a multitude of reasons. Some businesses aim to capture large amounts of data within space constraints, while others are required to read 2D barcodes due to government regulations or supplier mandates. The Voyager 1400g provides a solution for enterprises looking to leverage emerging trends that demand area-imaging technology, without requiring additional scanning hardware. This scanner not only reads traditional paper-based barcodes but also barcodes on alternative media such as mobile phone screens.