SUNMI U2 Accessory

The SUNMI U2 desktop stand is a convenient accessory designed to optimize your workspace. With this holder, you can easily and neatly position the SUNMI U2 payment terminal on your desk, enhancing work process efficiency and creating an organized environment.

The desktop stand is specifically crafted to securely hold the SUNMI U2 terminal in place, providing stability. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable operation without the need to constantly hold the terminal. You can swiftly access the terminal and utilize it for various tasks, such as processing payments and engaging with customers.

The SUNMI U2 desktop stand serves as a practical and professional addition to your workspace. It helps keep your counter or point of sale area organized and enhances the overall efficiency of your day-to-day activities. Whether you're a retailer, restaurateur, or service provider, this desktop stand offers a convenient solution to use your SUNMI U2 payment terminal in an ergonomic and functional manner.