Honeywell 8690i Version

Experience efficiency and versatility like never before with the Honeywell 8690i wearable mini mobile computer. This innovative device combines the capabilities of an RFID reader, scanner, and mobile computer into one, driving streamlined workflows for various applications. Its customizable user-facing display communicates instructions, while the two-button interface allows easy navigation and selections. With Wi-Fi connectivity and TotalFreedom™ plugin development, the 8690i offers offline functionality and seamless network integration. By consolidating tasks onto a single device, like picking, packing, and sorting, the 8690i enhances ergonomics and reduces costs compared to separate solutions. Discover the power of rapid RFID identification and see up to a 66% reduction in transaction steps, boosting productivity and throughput. Choose from various configurations, including two-finger ring or back-of-hand glove mount, to suit ergonomic needs. Available chargers ensure simplicity in supporting high-volume workflows. The 8690i wearable mini mobile computer brings efficiency and effectiveness to common tasks with advanced performance and durability.