Honeywell 8675i Version

Experience premium scanning performance with the Honeywell 8675i wearable mini mobile computer. Its advanced FlexRange™ technology offers expanded scanning distance for improved efficiency, even with damaged or low-quality barcodes. From near to far, the 8675i ensures smooth and fast reading, covering the full range from 100% UPC near contact to 5'/1.5m and 100 mil Code 39 to 33'/10m. The standard-range option offers a cost-effective solution for arms-length workflows. Ergonomics have been optimized in the 8675i design, minimizing finger interference and providing comfort, easy adjustment, and intuitive use. The triggered ring can be switched from right to left hand configuration, and the finger strap buckle is user-friendly and low-profile. Conversion from ring to glove is tool-free, simple, and adjustable, catering to various users. Non-absorbent materials make the accessories easy to clean. The 8675i meets demanding workflow needs, with multi-shift readiness and an easily replaceable battery. User-facing LEDs indicate Bluetooth connection, battery state, and health, ensuring smooth operation and extended service life.