Honeywell Genesis XP 7680g Version

Experience increased productivity with the Honeywell Genesis XP 7680g scanner. This compact powerhouse offers 20% faster scanning speed and a larger scanning area compared to previous models. Honeywell's XP scanning technology easily handles poorly printed and damaged barcodes, while its impressive depth of field allows for barcode reading even when placed close to the scanner. With a 1 mega-pixel imager and a fast processor, the Genesis XP rapidly decodes barcodes, minimizes repeat scans, and keeps employees productive. The sleek, modern design requires minimal counter space, and the 360° tri-color LED ring highlights the scanning target area for clear user feedback. The warm, white light illumination is easy on the eyes, and the automatic object detection feature turns off illumination between scans, ensuring minimal distraction. Designed for flexibility, the Genesis XP is adaptable to various workflows, with a removable and adjustable stand and versatile cable attachment point. Additional smart placement accessories, including wall mounts and POS mounts, are available for tailored installations. The Genesis XP and its accessories are also disinfectant-ready.