Glancetron 70-CT Version


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Welcome to RISolutions' category of Glancetron 70-CT Version. Here, you'll find information about the advanced Glancetron 70-CT Version, an innovative solution for point-of-sale and retail environments. This version features an integrated 17.8 cm (7") LCD monitor with tremendously sharp picture quality.

Features of Glancetron 70-CT Version

    • Digital change tray with integrated 17.8 cm (7") LCD monitor


    • Tremendously sharp picture quality for clear display


    • Ideal as an ad presentation medium during the payment process


    • Splash-proof and impact-resistant housing


    • Two variants available: with USB port, or with VGA and DVI ports

Efficient Customer Interaction


The Glancetron 70-CT Version offers an integrated screen to enhance customer interaction while displaying ad content. The splash-proof and impact-resistant housing ensures durability in busy retail environments.

Discover the benefits of the Glancetron 70-CT Version. Contact us for more information and advice on how this innovative solution can optimize your retail and point-of-sale processes.