Zebra DS4608-HC Version

In hospitals, precision and efficiency are paramount, and the DS4608-HC series stands ready to meet these demands. From the NICU nurses confirming a newborn's identity with an ankle bracelet scan to pharmacists cross-checking medication barcodes, the DS4608-HC offers a comprehensive solution for a wide range of data capture needs across healthcare scenarios.

The DS4608-HC is equipped with an 800 MHz microprocessor, high-resolution megapixel sensor, and Zebra's cutting-edge PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology. This potent combination ensures seamless decoding of barcodes in any condition, even those that are dense, tiny, curved, poorly printed, shiny, crinkled, faded, distorted, dirty, or damaged. Additionally, the scanner adeptly captures electronic barcodes displayed on dimly lit screens. This exceptional performance allows healthcare professionals to focus on their patients' needs rather than scanner intricacies.

Easy to sanitize - designed for enduring use

The DS4608-HC is purposefully designed for the healthcare environment. Its disinfectant-ready housing can withstand frequent sanitization with common hospital-grade disinfectants. The housing is thoughtfully constructed to prevent the accumulation of bacteria, with covered screw holes and speaker openings. IP52 sealing guards against liquid spills, and a patented double-sealed optical system safeguards critical optical components against dust and liquids. This guarantees that the scanner consistently captures sharp barcode images for swift and reliable decoding. The recessed scan window minimizes the impact of smudges, dirt, and scratches, preserving optimal performance. The DS4608-HC is built to endure the rigors of the healthcare setting, surviving multiple 6 ft./1.8 m drops onto concrete and 2,000 tumbles in Zebra's demanding tumble test.

Flexible feedback modes - including night mode with vibrate

The DS4608-HC offers diverse feedback modes tailored to different healthcare settings. Whether it's the Intensive Care Unit, a busy day shift, or a quiet night shift, the scanner accommodates various needs. Healthcare professionals can choose from haptic/vibration feedback, a visual LED decode indicator, adjustable beep tones, and Zebra's unique Direct Decode Indicator that projects an illumination on the scanned barcode to confirm successful capture. The Night Mode introduces an audible beep and vibration toggle, ensuring scans can be performed without disturbing patients or interrupting workflow.

The DS4608-HC series represents Zebra's commitment to empowering healthcare providers with a versatile and reliable solution that enhances patient care and streamlines operations throughout the entire hospital environment.