Zebra DS8108-HC Version

**English Extended Description:**
Better workflows for healthcare professionals. Better experience for patients. In the realm of healthcare, delivering the highest quality care is a constant imperative, every second of every day. This entails empowering your healthcare practitioners with tools to enhance patient outcomes, increase productivity, and streamline daily processes. Enter the purpose-built DS8100-HC Series by Zebra, tailored specifically for healthcare settings. This series offers instantaneous capture of the most challenging barcodes, an industry-first housing designed to prevent bacterial spread, Night Mode with Vibrate for unmistakable decode feedback, and an integrated lamp. The DS8100-HC Series seamlessly integrates into existing healthcare workflows, boosting process efficiencies and ensuring patient peace until necessary interventions.

The DS8100-HC Series brings forth unparalleled performance while improving patient experiences. Exclusively, this series amalgamates the prowess of an 800 MHz microprocessor, a high-resolution megapixel sensor, and Zebra's exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology. This unique amalgamation of hardware and advanced algorithms empowers the DS8100-HC Series to instantly capture the most challenging barcodes encountered in pharmacies, labs, and at point-of-care locations. This encompasses dense, minuscule, curved, poorly printed, reflective, creased, faded, distorted, soiled, or damaged barcodes, alongside electronic barcodes on dimly lit displays.

The DS8100-HC Series presents an innovative housing, specifically engineered to curb bacterial proliferation. Specially formulated plastics facilitate safe wipe-downs with a wide range of potent disinfectants employed in today's hospitals. Concealed screw holes and seams mitigate potential bacterial harboring sites, even after thorough cleaning.

Flexible feedback modes, including Night Mode with Vibrate, cater to diverse hospital environments. Staff can select between haptic/vibration, LED indicators for successful decodes, traditional beeping with adjustable volume and frequency, and Zebra's Direct Decode Indicator that projects illumination onto the barcode for confirmation. In Night Mode, a quick trigger press toggles between an audible beep and vibration. Clinicians can confidently scan medications, specimens, or IV bags without disturbing patients or disrupting workflow.

Enhanced by a highly visible and safe LED aimer, the DS8100-HC Series can be utilized in the NICU where laser aimers are discouraged. Furthermore, the green aimer minimizes the potential for triggering PTSD episodes.

In conclusion, the Zebra DS8100-HC Series offers an advanced solution to elevate patient safety and the efficiency of point-of-care operations, featuring unparalleled scanning performance and specialized functionalities tailored to the distinctive challenges of the healthcare domain.