Time and Attendance

RFID Attendance Tracking


Depend on instant accountability and unquestioned accuracy. An attendance system that includes rf IDEAS® technology helps employees easily stay on task while providing management with an accurate means to track time for attendance reporting, payroll and more.

Accurate Time and Attendance Data

An attendance solution incorporating rf IDEAS® card readers means no more illegible handwriting, no lost sign-in sheets, no manual re-entry, and no inaccuracy in the analysis of arrivals, departures, breaks, contractor hours or payroll hours. Employee badge data is automatically and accurately captured in the back-end time and attendance software, every time.

Greater Productivity

An attendance system that utilizes existing employee badges streamlines the process of clocking in and out with a quick wave of the badge. The savings can be substantial, especially for large companies currently using manual time-tracking processes.

Fraud Control

Using an ID card reader for attendance eliminates the “buddy punch.” Late employees can’t ask their coworkers to punch or sign in on their behalf. A two-hour lunch can’t go unnoticed. All time tracking is based on physical employee presence, as demonstrated by each employee’s unique ID badge.


Authentic Data Means Trusted Accountability


Manual time-tracking methods are time-consuming, prone to error and fraud, and limited in their utility. rf IDEAS provides ID card readers for solutions that manage attendance, workstation check-in, training verification, emergency mustering and more—any application that requires knowing where employees are, when, and for how long.   Provide all the time and attendance data needed for any application. rf IDEAS card readers are available to read virtually any card type in use worldwide, including mobile credentials. And they’re designed in form factors to accommodate virtually any application—making every employee badge a true badge of trust.
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